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Paddle Brush Goals

A paddle brush is a hair staple when it comes to finding the perfect brush and can be used on every hair type including fine hair, curly hair and everything in between! Brush through either wet hair or dry hair and you'll be amazed at how good they are for detangling knots and tangles, taming frizz and smoothing hair. The ball-tipped, soft bristles make brushing and detangling your hair a comfortable experience as they gently massage and stimulate your scalp. Brush regularly and you can help to restore hair growth and distribute natural oil from your roots promoting healthy hair and shine all of the time! Styling your hair never looked so effortless! A paddle hair brush is an essential all-round brush as they are great for helping to prevent breakage and promote shine too. Our Rose Gold Paddle Brush even includes a gel handle which moulds to your hand, allowing you to have maximum grip and control when styling. Designed to give salon-quality results at home, making them the perfect gift for you or another hair-obsessed queen. Here at Lily England we are proud to be 100% cruelty-free and vegan hairbrushes so you won't find a natural boar bristle brush in our collection. Question is, which paddle brush will you choose?