How to use a Paddle Brush (and how to clean it)

 A paddle brush is the perfect brush to add to your hair care routine, whatever your hair type (if you have mid to long hair or thick hair it will be an essential staple when it comes to brushing out your locks). Ideal for detangling and smoothing hair as well as blow drying. Flexible, soft bristles gently massage and stimulate your scalp and help the brush glide through your hair more easily - no more tugging! Our professional salon quality paddle brushes make styling your hair quick and effective.

For best results, we recommend using your paddle brush in two ways, for detangling and for smoothing and styling:

For detangling those unwanted knots

  • Can be carried out on either wet hair or dry hair
  • For really knotty hair, work in manageable sections
  • Taking each section, start at the ends of your hair with gentle brushing to work through each tangle, making sure to hold the section at the root to avoid tension on your scalp
  • Section-by-section, carefully work your way from the end to the root - each bristle will gently separate the hair so there is no need to drag or pull - no breakage needed here thanks!
  • Once you’ve detangled each section you can give your whole head a brush from root to tip to smooth out your hair!

Tip: For those tough tangles, use a hair oil or a detangling spray to help glide through them! Pair with a detangling brush if needed.

For smoothing and styling

To transform dull hair into a salon worthy result try this:

  • Start by ensuring your hair is free of any tangles and knots. You can do this by using the paddle brush and working your way from the ends of your hair and then to the roots.
  • Then using a hair dryer, blow dry your hair until it's completely dry 
  • Afterwards using combined efforts of the dryer and our trusty paddle brush, smoothen your hair. Do this by brushing sections of your hair whilst blow drying the same section.
  • Now repeat until you have worked through all of your hair for frizz free shine all of the time!

This will create professional looking results from home, no need to visit your hairdresser!

How to clean your Paddle Brush  

It’s important to keep your hair tools clean to get the best out of them! Excessive build up of product, hair and oils can cause them to get clogged with nasty residue which can harm the performance of your tools and you may be adding grease, dead skin cells, and old hair product back into your hair - gross! A thorough monthly cleaning will keep your paddle brush sparkling. Try to clean up your brush at least twice monthly to maintain healthy hassle-free hair!

 Let's dive into details on how to clean your paddle brush.  

Step 1: Remove any hair from the bristles.

  • It's natural for hair to fall out into the brush, you can remove them by getting a wide comb and teasing out the hair from the side of the bristles upwards! Or you can simply use your fingers to remove the hair.

Step 2: Fill up the sink or a bowl with your cleaning solution. 

  • For the solution you can use a few drops of shampoo mixed with warm water. This will help break down any product that may have built up on the brush. You shouldn’t soak the brush as this can cause the brush to fill with water or cause glue to break down. Instead, use a washing up sponge or a toothbrush to wash between the bristles and remove dust and debris.

Step 3: Rinse your brush

  • It’s important to rinse your hair brush through warm water ensuring no soapiness is left on the brush. Then put it out to air dry on a towel or cloth.

 Step 4: Enjoy your good-as-new brush!

  • Once your brush is completely dry, enjoy your brand new, healthy brush. By using this method your brush will last many years and still look brand new.

Tip: Our paddle brushes are designed with one of the plastic bristles missing, this is so the air can circulate and to allow water to drain if. brush gets wet.


Our paddle hairbrushes are the ultimate hair accessory when it comes to brushing out your lovely locks. They are an all-round essential for hair taming as they are great for detangling, smoothing and straightening, making this product a must-have in your hand bag or on your dressing-table. Think healthy hair goals!

Our Rose Gold Paddle Brush includes a gel handle which moulds to your hand, allowing you to have maximum grip and control when styling. These brushes are designed to give knot-free, professional hairdressing results at home, making them the perfect gift for you or another hair-obsessed queen. Our Paddle Brushes come in an array of different colours and designs, making them the most classy and Instagrammable hair brushes ever - what's not to love?

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