How to detangle your hair easily

We are all familiar with the struggle of detangling your hair, it can be a long, painful process with many brushes and will often result in breakage. However, those days are behind us with the help of a good Detangling Brush and the right know-how. 

How to detangle your hair easily

1. Section your hair

Got a huge detangling task ahead of you? Don’t stress, take the easy approach. Start by separating your hair into manageable sections and work on one section at a time, so it won’t feel like such a daunting task.

2. Untangle troublesome knots

The best way to detangle very knotted hair is using a Detangling Spray. After leaving it to absorb for a few minutes gently brush through each section with your detangler for easy, breezy, pain-free detangling!

2. Work from tip to top

Detangle your hair starting from the ends up to the root — not the other way around! This is the best way to avoid tugging at your strands which often leads to breakage. Just remember to be gentle and patient when faced with annoying tangles.

4. Smooth it out

Once you've got past the worst of the tangles, unsection your hair and smooth out with the brush, ready to style however you like! We recommend finishing with a hair serum to keep your ends hydrated, this will help with split ends and keep your hair looking silky smooth throughout the day!

5. Keep it clean 

Like with any hair brush, you should make sure you keep your detangler clean to avoid build up of hair, dust and product residue. The best way to clean your detangler is by removing loose hair strands from teeth (if any) and rinsing with warm water. We recommend doing this once a month.


how to detangle your hair

Unlike some of the brushes out there that rip, pull and tug your hair, our Lily England Detangler Brush certainly won’t! Here's why this is the best brush on the market for detangling your hair.

1. Ergonomically Designed 
While admiring the sleek design of your new brush you will have noticed its unique, curvy shape. We have designed it this way so the handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand putting you in control to make easy work of tackling knots and tangles.

2. Promotes Hair Growth 
How? The smooth rounded bristle tips stimulate your scalp while you brush your hair! It also doubles as a gentle scalp massager, suitable for even the most sensitive scalps.

3. Distributes Hair Products Evenly 
Next time you wash your hair apply conditioner, mid-length to ends, then use your Lily England brush to ensure an even coverage of product all over. 

4. Saves You Time 
Tired of spending hours brushing your hair? With your detangler you will be able to get through those nasty knots and troublesome tangles in a matter of seconds! With the help of the 274 flexible bristles that have been strategically positioned, you will be able to detangle your hair faster, safer and pain-free!


Shop our full range of gorgeous Detangling brushes here and wave goodbye to those knots. Happy detangling!