Professional Hair Brushes

Time to brush up on your hair routine and get your tresses looking their best with our professional, salon-quality Hair Brushes. Whatever your hair type or concern, whether you’re looking for Detangling Brushes, Blow-dry Brushes, Paddle Brushes or even Hair Brush Sets - you’ll find it all here. Our chic brushes not only look fabulous, but are expertly crafted and hair stylist approved! At Lily England we believe it's important to recognise that not just any hairbrush will get the job done, your locks deserve the best! Of course styling products help to create that beautiful finished look, but each individual brush is the foundation of any polished style. Stuck on deciding which of our dreamy Hairbrushes to choose? Our Paddle and Detangling Brushes will guarantee you the smoothest, knot-free hair whilst our Vent Brush will ensure that your hair is blow-dried swiftly so that you can continue slaying the day. Our Round Barrel Brushes will create the most effortless, voluminous blow dry, causing your friends serious hair envy. Finally, our combs will enable every pony tail to be sleek and perfect, making sure those pesky fly-aways always remain in place. Why not complete your routine with one of our perfectly crafted brush sets? Each and every brush makea sure that you achieve amazing hair days, everyday.