Do It Like A Pro at Home: 5 Tips for The Perfect Bouncy Blow Dry

how to do a bouncy blow dry at home

Bouncy hair is in, and we all want big, voluminous locks. You can opt for a trip to a blow dry bar or the hair salon to achieve this on trend look, which is great for a treat, but can be costly and as much as we would love to be pampered weekly, it simply isn’t possible for many of us! 

There is no need to shell out on expensive appointments anymore, there are plenty of tools and products to help you achieve shiny, bouncy locks from home!

The best brush for blow drying is definitely a round brush, with vented radial barrels for even heat distribution. 

big bouncy blow dry

Top Tips For The Perfect Bouncy Blow Dry

1. Pre-Treat your hair with a hair mask or treatment
Using heat to style your hair can dry out and damage your ends, resulting in lack-luster locks. For that salon-fresh look, use a nourishing hair mask after you shampoo and condition, such as Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector, apply on the ends and leave to work it’s magic for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. This will make your blow dry look shiny and healthy, and will help to reduce tangles when styling.

2. Always use a Heat Protector
Any reputable salon will always apply a heat protector before a blow-dry, and so should you! Try VO5 Express Primer Spray, simply spritz all over damp hair and brush through with a detangling hair brush to distribute the product before you begin blow drying.

3. Part Air-Dry your hair for quick blow drying
If you begin blow drying your hair immediately after you wash it, you’re creating a lot more work for yourself. Let your hair dry 80% before you begin, not only will this reduce heat exposure to your hair, but will make the process quicker and easier (and save those arm muscles!) If you are in a hurry to get out the door and don’t have time to wait, then use a vent brush to help dry your hair 80% before picking up your barrel brush and styling your blow-out.

4. Section your hair for easy styling
Once your hair is 80% dry, use a sectioning comb and clips to neatly section your hair before beginning styling your blow out, this will make it much easier to control whilst styling. Each hair section should be 100% dry before you move on to the next. If you leave any moisture in it, your hair will fall flat later on.

5. Go Easy on the Hairspray
We want our bouncy blow-out to hold, but using too much or an extra-hold hair spray will create a rigid, stiff look, and ruin the bouncy locks you have just created! Opt for a flexible spray such as Living Proof Weightless Styling Spray, this will keep your hair feeling soft and will brush straight out.

Ready for your at home bouncy blow-out?

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