How to clean your Hair Tools (and why you should do it)

how to clean your hair brushes

We all know that it's essential to keep our makeup brushes clean, but it is also important to keep your hair tools clean as well. Not only will it help them last longer, but your brush will pick up oils, hair, dirt, dust and product that can build up onto our brushes and tools. Excessive build up can cause them to get clogged with nasty residue which can harm the performance of your tools and you may be adding grease, dead skin cells, and old hair product back into your hair - gross!

If you're in a hurry, you can simply remove all the hair from your brushes and quickly rinse them under warm, running water, but if you're looking to deep clean  your hair brushes and tools here's our step by step guide:

1. Remove any hair from the bristles

Hair naturally falls out from our scalp, and when we brush out tangles we're actually removing this hair which is what you see caught up in your brush. The easiest way to remove this is by taking a mid-to-wide toothed comb and teasing out the hair from the side of the bristles upwards, this should remove most of the hair in one big clump without damaging the bristles in your brush. If there are any stubborn hairs tangled up in your brush you might want to snip down the middle with some scissors, just be careful to not cut any of the bristles! You can simply remove any stray hairs with your fingers. Depending on your hair length and type, you may need to do this step more regularly if you find hair builds up quickly in your brush.

2. Fill up a bowl or sink with your cleaning mixture

Just mix warm water and a few drops of baby shampoo or gentle shower gel, this will help break down any grease or product build up on your brushes and bristles. You shouldn't soak your brushes, as this can cause water build up, or break down any glue holding the brush together. Instead, use something to clean between the bristles like a clean toothbrush or a soft washing up sponge use the cleaning mixture to get all the bristles and the base of the brush squeaky clean. 

3. Rinse and leave to dry

Rinse off any leftover soapiness under a warm running tap and leave your brushes to air dry face down on a towel. You can gently wipe over the handles and bristles beforehand to get them sparkling clean. For extra hygiene, you can spritz your brushes with an alcohol solution to ensure any bacteria or germs are gone, this is especially important if you use your tools professionally to avoid cross contamination.

4. Carefully clean your electrical hair tools

If you use hair straighteners, curling tongs or wands then you still need to keep them clean to avoid product build up which can damage your tools, especially when heat is applied. Extra care should be taken when cleaning heated tools and you should NEVER submerge them in water. Once your tool has cooled down and is unplugged, just take a very slightly damp cloth and wipe over the plates, removing any residue and dry off completely before using again. Never use a rough sponge or scourer as this can remove the protective ceramic coating. You should aim to do this each time you use your tools to ensure you don't get a build up of product which is harder to remove. 

5. Smartly store your hair tools

If you want your hair tools to last, it's important to store them correctly. Don't just leave them in the bottom of your handbag or drawer where they'll gather dust and crumbs. Why not keep them organised on your dressing table or in a wash bag? That way you'll always find them when you need them, and it will keep any cables or stray hairs from tangling and creating mess. 

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