How to Organise your Vanity Table

how to organise your vanity table

No matter what anyone says, there is nothing wrong with having too much makeup, as long as you know how to store it properly! Having a messy space to get ready can leave you feeling flustered and reaching for the same old products as it’s difficult to see your whole collection when it’s all over the place.

Fortunately, with a little bit of TLC you can create a beautifully organised vanity table that is a joy to get ready at. So, if you have lipsticks, palettes and compacts overflowing and cluttering up your vanity table, it’s time to unleash your inner Marie Kondo and get organising. We’ve rounded up our top tips and products to turn your vanity into a pinterest-perfect beauty haven!

Tips to Organise your Vanity Table

Tip 1. Keep it clean!

Makeup can get very messy, as much as we want to keep it pristine and as fresh as the day we bought it, accidents can happen. From leaking foundations to messy loose powder, if left ignored this can create stains and risk ruining your expensive vanity table paint job, not to mention it will become very unhygienic if not kept in check. Start your organisation by properly cleaning all of your palettes with some gentle antibacterial spray or biodegradable wipes, this is a great way to see all of your collection and uncover some forgotten gems, too! Keep these wipes handy in a nearby drawer so when accidents do happen, you can clean it up straight away!

Tip 2. Display your brushes

brush pot holder organise your vanity table marble

If you have a gorgeous, instagrammable brush set  then you want to show it off. Shoving your brushes away in the bottom of your drawer or makeup bag will eventually damage the bristles, and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Using a pretty brush holder is the perfect way to display your brushes on your vanity table. Our Marble Brush Holder works as both a carry case and a display pot, so you can proudly display your brushes and also protect them when on the go. Make sure you regularly clean your makeup brushes to keep them germ-free and as good as new. 

Tip 3. Use drawer dividers

If your vanity table has a drawer attached, or you use separate drawers for your makeup, then drawer dividers are a perfect, inexpensive way to divide and organise your cosmetics. We recommend dividing products in the order you use them, so have a section for skincare, complexion, eyes, lipstick, etc! This is a handy way to know exactly where all your products are when you need them. 

Tip 4. Keep your jewellery on display

All of your pretty necklaces and rings deserve to be shown off. If you keep them away in drawers, they are likely to become tangled and lost, and you are less likely to reach for them when getting ready! Use a pretty jewellery box or stand to display your favourite pieces, or a trinket tray for your rings and earrings!

Tip 5. Keep your everyday makeup in a chic makeup bag

black makeup bag cosmetics bag large brush section gold chic

We all have our key items that are a part of our everyday makeup routine, so keep them separate in a cosmetics bag to speed up your morning routine! Opt for a bag with different sections for brushes, compacts and palettes so you can easily find the product you need. This is also great for packing your makeup when on the go, as your favourite products are already stored in one place, just pop your makeup bag in your luggage and you’re good to go! Shop our collection of pretty and practical makeup bags that you can proudly display them on your dressing table.