The Best Hair Brushes For Your Hair Type

Rose Gold Hair Brush Set


When it comes to choosing a Hair Brush, it can be difficult to know which one to buy as there is such a vast selection available today. The list of different hair brushes seems never ending and can be daunting if you’re not sure which ones are suitable for you. Not to worry...We’ve put together a handy guide to help you figure out which brushes are best for each hair type so you no longer have to purchase every single hair brush under the sun, you can confidently buy the right ones for you. 

Fine / Knotty Hair

Rose Gold Detangler Brush

Detangling Brush: If you have fine or knotty hair, then our Detangler Brush is your new best friend. This hair brush is carefully designed to be gentle on knots so it won’t lead to breakage, which is especially important for people with fine hair. This hair brush can be used on wet or dry hair so you can use it in the shower to distribute conditioner all over your hair- the bristles of will even will help to stimulate your scalp. The ergonomic handle of our Detangler Brush helps to ease the detangling process, eliminating the stress held in your wrist and making sure you have ultimate control over your brushing. 

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Long / Thick Hair 

Rose Gold Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush: A Paddle Brush works great on any hair type but specifically on those that have long or thick hair because the surface area of the brush can handle larger sections of hair at once. Our Paddle Brush has a wide paddle and a sturdy handle that can handle your locks however long or tangled they are. A Paddle Brush is also a great tool in helping to speed up a sleek blow dry, so all in all, it’s a must have addition to your brush box. 

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Thin / Damaged Hair

Rose Gold Vent Brush

Vented Brush- A Vented Brush is the perfect Blow Drying brush for people that suffer with thin or damaged hair. When it comes to blow drying, those with damaged hair can increase the breakage by exposing it too much heat. A Vented Brush is a great helping hand as the vents in the back of the brush allow hot air to pass through during a rough blow dry to speed up the drying time. This means that the heat exposure AND your drying time is reduced. A Vented Brush Paired with a Detangler is the perfect pair for protecting thin and damaged hair types. 

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Curly Hair

Rose Gold Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb- A Wide Tooth Comb is the best tool for brushing out curly hair. The main reason for this is that the wide grooves in the comb enable you to detangle your hair without throwing off the curl pattern of your hair, and causing frizz. The perfect partner for our Detangling Brush, this set is amazing for detangling wet hair also, as this is when your hair is most prone to breakage. For those with super tight curls, the Wide Tooth Comb mimics fingers combing through your hair, it gently detangles and maintains your curls’ natural shape. A Top Tip from us: If you're partial to an evening shower, run the comb through your hair gently from top to bottom and tie your hair in a loose bun to ensure you will wake up with tangle-free locks! 

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Here at Lily England, we want to make sure that whatever your hair type, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourself on our extensive selection of Hair Brushes to achieve your perfect style. All of our Hair Brushes can be used to style both short and long hair and some available in different sizes for those of you who like to change your style from time to time. Be sure to shop our range of Hair Brushes at Lily England Here.