Top 5 Benefits of a Detangling Brush and Why You Need One

Hands up if you have woken up in the morning with your hair looking like a hot mess? Or stepped out of the shower with more knots than you'd care to mention? Yep! Us too. But not anymore. We have tried and tested five amazing benefits to turn your hair nightmare into a smooth, shiny daydream. You. Are. welcome!

First, Why Do You Need a Detangling Hairbrush?

  • There are a wide variety of hair brushes out there that can help brush through tangled hair but using the right brush (aka a detangling brush) for stubborn knots and tangle-free hair is crucial if you wish to prevent hair damage. This is especially true if you have thick hair, curls or even hair extensions, although they can be used on any hair type.
  • Tangled hair happens when the cuticles on your individual hair strands become damaged. Thus, your hair does not sit smooth, causing all the damaged ends to pile up ontop of each other creating a tough tangle mess and a lot of hair stress. Make the detangling process easy and opt for our ultimate detangler brush paired with the right hair products and you're good to go!
  • A detangler brush is great for using on either wet hair or dry hair and makes the perfect shower companion when brushing through your conditioner. Simply brush generous amounts of conditioner through wet hair and massage your scalp gently with the bristles for a touch of self-care. A regular, gentle scalp massage can also help stimulate hair growth. Relax for five minutes then wash out and watch your tangle-free tresses flow! 

5 Top Benefits of using a Lily England Detangling Brush

No Pain No Gain: Our Detangling Brushes have a flexible brush handle for maximum grip whilst working through stubborn knots without pulling or causing pain. Think stress free brushing and no more tangles - win win!

Versatile: They be used to brush through hair extensions and wigs as well as natural hair and are especially good for thick hair, long hair and curly hair. They can also be used on wet or dry hair and are great for using on kids too!

Go Gentle: A Detangling Brush is designed to glide smoothly through knots, with less tugging and pulling, thus helping to prevent breakage. Tangle by tangle does it nicely.

She's a Softie: Our detangling brushes have been designed with soft bristles that glide gently across your scalp reducing the amount of pressure applied making brushing your hair a much more enjoyable experience.

Sleek and Stylish: Not only do our detangling brushes do the job, they look pretty too and don't cost the earth. Available in a variety of instagram-worthy colours, the only question left is which brush will you choose?

Top Tip: No more bed hair! Before you go to bed, use the detangler brush and pop your hair into a low ponytail secured with a soft scrunchie or wrap up in a silk scarf to help minimise any knots in the morning and undo all of your hard work. Your hair will thank you later! A silk pillowcase also does wonders in preventing kinky hair and frizz.

To conclude: Our Detangling brushes are made up of flexible bristles, which will help prevent hair breakage and won't pull your hair when it comes to brushing through the toughest knots. The soft nylon bristles are gentle enough to use on a sensitive scalp and are perfect for using on kids too, making the whole detangling process a lot less stressful and pain-free!

Weapon of choice: Paddle brush, round brush, vent brush or detanger hair brush? Choose your brush carefully and you’ll be on your way to dreamy hair in no time. We suggest using a Lily England Detangling Brush for banishing knots and tough tangles, a vent brush for styling short hair, a paddle brush to straighten hair or tame curls, and a round barrel brush for a bouncy blow dry! Check out our full hair brush range here