How To Brush Your Hair - 5 Tips For Detangling Your Hair The Right Way

Hands up if you have woken up in the morning with your hair looking like a hot mess? Or stepped out of the shower with more tangles than you’d care to mention? Yep! Us too. But not anymore. We have tried and tested five amazing tips to turn your hair nightmare into a smooth, shiny daydream. You. Are. welcome!

how to brush your hair detangling hair top tips

1. The power of sectioning

Got a huge detangling task ahead of you? Make it easy for yourself! Simply start by separating your hair into manageable sections and work on one section at a time. It’s all about those little victories in life, right?


2. Tip to the top

The best way to tackle those tangles is to start from the bottom of your hair and work your way slowly to the top — not the other way around! This is the best way to avoid tugging at your strands which often leads to the dreaded breakage. Just remember to be gentle when faced with those annoying tangles.


3. Untangle troublesome knots

The best way to detangle very knotted hair is in the shower with your hair saturated in slippery conditioner. After leaving it to absorb for a few minutes gently brush through each section with your detangler for easy, breezy, pain‐free detangling.


4. No more bad bed hair

Before you go to bed, tie your hair in a low ponytail secured with a soft scrunchie or wrap up in a silk scarf to help minimize any knots in the morning and undo all of your hard work. Your hair will thank you later!


5. Weapon of choice

Paddle, round, vent or detanger hair brush? Choose your brush carefully and you’ll be on your way to dreamy hair in no time. We suggest using a Lily England Detangling Brush for banishing knots and tough tangles, a vent brush for styling short hair, a paddle brush to straighten hair or tame curls, and a round barrel brush for a bouncy blow dry!


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