What Is A Paddle Brush Good For - All You Need To Know

What is a Paddle Brush good for?

Are you looking for the perfect brush? A hairbrush that works on all hair types and makes hair brushing a breeze? Paddle hairbrushes are one of the most popular hair brushes to own, and it’s easy to see why! It’s a great versatile brush with flexible bristles that are designed to style, detangle and smooth, leaving you with salon-worthy hair!

They’re a  staple among hair stylists and hairdressers. Whether it's for blow drying, styling or detangling.

What are Paddle Brushes essential for? 

A Paddle Hairbrush performs three crucial functions on the hair

  • Detangling knots 
  • Blow-drying
  • Smoothing hair

And the best part is, (if you opt for soft a nylon bristle brush) they're suitable for all hair types including hair extensions, wet hair and brushing through damaged hair.

- Best brush for detangling: Dual-Bristle Wooden Brush 

- Best brush for thick hair: Paddle Brush with gel handle 

- Best brush for long hair: Marble Paddle Hair Brush

- Best brush for fine hair: Eco Paddle Brush and Comb Set 

- Best brush for blow-drying: Luxury Hair Brush Set 

Why do you need a paddle brush

Unlike other types of brushes that boost hair volume and body, or are solely useful for detangling, they add a classy, straightened look to your short, medium, or long hair. The flat shape of the brush smoothens the hair, removes frizz and helps prevent breakage

Keeps Your Hair Shining  

Flexible ball-tipped bristles allow your hair cuticles to lie flat, whilst distributing oil from your roots to the ends of your hair, keeping it conditioned. They also gently massage your scalp which can help improve circulation. This maintains the shine in your hair and gives it a sleek finish.

Hair Saviour

Its smoothing ability is top-notch, it easily gets your tangles out. Thanks to it’s big, anti-static flat shape it helps tame frizz. Not only does it remove static but it also prevents the build up of hair oils and products on the hairbrush, ensuring clean, healthy hair!

Easy to use 

There's no twisting or turning with this brush due to its non-slip gel handle which gives you maximum control, which makes it a suitable fit for beginners. It can be used to style and shape layers to suit your face shape with ease!


There's no type of hair or texture this brush doesn't work well with! From long and thick, to short and fine. You can create endless styles from sleek and straight to voluminous layers. Plus, this reliable brush will serve you for years due to the high quality materials used. It won’t disappoint! 

Tame your frizzy hair with a Paddle brush

If you’re suffering with frizzy hair, then you need a Paddle Brush in your collection! They act similar to a detangling brush but will detangle and smooth your hair while spreading natural oil from the scalp to the tip for optimum shine!

This is an essential tool in any hair care kit. Paddle brushes work wonders for all hair types. The soft bristles are gentle enough to use on fine hair but sturdy enough to tackle thick or textured hair. They will help separate knots without tugging or pulling, leaving you with beautiful, tangle free hair


Paddle brushes are designed to make your hair feel soft and sleek. Whatever your hair type; thick hair, fine hair, straight hair, long hair, short hair, natural, curly hair, thin hair, wet hair or dry hair, a paddle brush is the perfect choice for everyday styling. They are an essential hair tool in everyones hair care kit!

Here at Lily England we are proud to be 100% cruelty-free and vegan, so you won't find a natural boar bristle brush in our collection.

We have a few different types of paddle brushes, tailored to your hair type. These are from our most popular best selling hair brushes. Mark my words, your hair will thank you! 

Shop our favourites

Paddle Brush with Gel Handle: 

Get max control while styling with our gel handle. Try it for smooth strokes and a sleek finish to your hair.

Wooden Paddle Brush: 

Kind to your hair and the environment! The perfect brush to transform dull and damaged hair into natural luscious locks.

Marble Paddle Brush: 

Our marbelous hairbrush will give you sleek, knot free results. The prettiest hairbrush waiting to be added to your collection.

Luxury Hairbrush Set: 

This brush trio has nabbed the No. 1 spot on our Christmas wish list. The perfect gift for a friend or a treat for yourself for the ultimate brush lineup! 👇