The best Detangling Brush

Looking for the right brush for stubborn knots that won't create hair breakage? Look no further. It's time to tame those tangles with our best-selling Detangling Brush. Our Detangling brushes are made up of flexible bristles which will help prevent hair breakage and won't pull your hair when it comes to getting rid of those pesky knots. The detangler brush can be used similarly to a wet brush when in the shower. Brush conditioner through wet hair and massage your scalp gently with the soft nylon bristles for added self-care. Alternatively, use on dry hair to brush out the toughest knots for tangle-free hair, always! Our Detangling Hairbrush and Comb Set is the ultimate duo when it comes to perfecting the detangling process. The expertly-crafted ergonomic brush handle makes brushing your hair a comfortable and efficient experience, decreasing the stress held in your wrist and creating the perfect grip. And the wide-tooth Comb can be used to detangle, or to brush out curls to create a glamorous, relaxed look. Not only do our detangling brushes do the job efficiently, but they also look sleek and stylish on your dressing table, coming in an array of fun and classy colours, perfect for kids and adults alike. Our best-selling Detangling Brushes are the ultimate life-saver when it comes to detangling adults and kids tresses quickly, comfortably and pain-free! What tangle?