The Best Brushes and Tools for Hair Extensions

the best brushes and tools for hair extensions

Whether you have bonds, tapes, clip-ins or a weave, keeping your tresses in great condition is essential for prolonging the life of your extensions, as well as keeping your natural hair as healthy as possible!

Hair extensions aren't cheap, and even human hair extensions need to be treated with a lot more care than your natural locks, as they are more prone to damage! Avoid unnecessary heat, ensure you use the correct shampoo and conditioner and above all, make sure you are using the right tools for styling.

Some brushes can pull on extensions, which causes tension at the scalp, meaning you will risk damaging your natural hair as well as your extensions. To keep your faux hair in tip-top condition, we have rounded up the very best brushes and tools for beautiful locks!

1. Best Brush for Detangling your Extensions

best detangling brush for hair extensionsIf you are looking to gently smooth and detangle your extensions to remove any knots without pulling, then a Detangler Brush is your new bff. The secret lies in the unique and clever distribution of the 274 flexible bristles, which quickly glide through knots without pulling or snagging. With an ergonomic handle for extra control!
"This brush is absolutely superb! It is perfect for my hair extensions, it does not snag the hair at all and keeps it looking very smooth."
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2. Best for Combing Wet Hair Extensions

best comb for hair extensionsEven clip in extensions need washing, to avoid build up of natural oils and product. When hair is wet, it is weak and at it's most vulnerable for damage, especially when you have the added weight of your hair extensions. If you use a traditional brush on wet hair extensions it could lead to breakage and damage. Instead, use a Wide-Tooth Comb to gently detangle whilst your conditioner or leave-in treatment is soaking in, starting from tip to top. Not only will this gently remove any knots and tangles, but it will also help to distribute product through the hair for added hydration. This Detangling Brush & Comb set is the perfect detangling duo for wet or dry hair.

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3. Best for Smoothing and Styling Hair Extensions

best paddle brush for hair extensionsNow you've successfully detangled your locks, it's time to get them looking styled to perfection! A Paddle Brush is the perfect tool for the job, with round-tipped, flexible bristles and a cushioned pad to gently smooth, detangle and style your hair without pulling! The handle gives the ultimate control, perfect for blowdrying a straight style with your extensions or finishing off your look!

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4. Best Brush for Blowdrying Extensions

best blow dry brush for extensionsExtensions not only give length to the hair, but also add thickness and volume, making them perfect for a big, bouncy blow-dry style! It's important to be careful when using any heat with your extensions, including blowdrying. Using a vented barrel brush, you can evenly distribute heat and air for quick, smooth blowdrying with minimal damage. The soft gel handle is perfect for keeping comfort and control whilst styling. The bristles gently smooth the hair, creating a blown out bouncy look!

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5. Best Straighteners for Extensions

best hair straighteners for hair extensionsA good Hair Straightener is a great investment for your locks, you can smooth, wave or curl with this versatile tool. Extensions are more prone to heat damage than our natural hair, so extra care has to be taken when using heated products. These straighteners have multiple heat settings from 100º-230º, so you can safely style your hair. The ceramic, cushioned plates make the straightening process smoother and won't pull or catch your hair extensions, for a kink free style. Read our blog on how to curl your hair with hair straighteners here. 

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