Vegan Makeup Brushes

Our wide range of professional, vegan makeup brushes make it easy for any beauty loving queen to create the most perfect makeup look. Our gorgeous rose gold brushes include marble details to ensure that they are equally as pretty as the rest of contents of your makeup bag, or the stand out feature on your vanity table. Each of our makeup brushes are expertly-crafted to ensure that they do the best job when it comes to applying your makeup. Our cosmetic brushes enable you to start your day or evening off the right way, whether that's sat in front of your mirror before a night out, or rushing on the tube in the morning, their rose-gold aesthetic and beautifully soft bristles will always ensure that you look put together. Our Rose Gold Eye Brush Set will ensure each and every smokey eye is blended to perfection, whilst our face brushes make sure to buff in your foundation and set your powder in place so that you can get things done, without having to think twice. Each and every brush is MUA approved, shed free and 100% cruelty-free and vegan, therefore becoming the most essential companions to your makeup bag.