The 12 Makeup Brushes you NEED and How to Use Them

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The world of makeup can be a very confusing place, especially when it comes to makeup tools. How many do we need? What do you use them all for? Here at Lily England we know it can be a minefield when it comes to finding the perfect set of brushes to suit all your makeup needs, so we are here to give you a head start to becoming a makeup goddess with our new brush set! This makeup brush set has been hand selected with every brush you will ever need for flawless makeup application every time. The set contains 12 different soft, cruelty free brushes with on trend rose gold and white handles. Whether you’re a pro MUA or a complete beginner, you will find everything you need in this set. These makeup brushes will be your new best friends, and we have created this handy guide to decode each one!

Face Brushes

1. Foundation Brush - 001

Lily England Foundation BrushFoundation is arguably one of the most important steps in your makeup routine. It is often the first product applied, and if applied incorrectly it can look too cakey or streaky and can completely ruin the rest of the look. All of our brushes are made with synthetic bristles, meaning they are hygienic to use, especially with liquid foundation, as natural bristles are more porous and harder to clean.

How to use: For a flawless foundation application, apply starting from the centre of your face and work outwards using sweeping motions to avoid streaks and prevent harsh lines around the jawline. This brush is also great for applying BB Creams and Primers to the skin, or use for a mess-free face mask application - just remember to rinse thoroughly afterwards!

2. Powder Brush - 002

Lily England Powder Brush No makeup kit should be without setting powder, which means no makeup kit should be without a powder brush. With long, dense, fluffy bristles, this is the perfect brush for dusting and buffing any powder on the face for a light finish. Say goodbye to shiny T-Zones and creased concealer.

How to use: Use this brush to pick up a small amount of powder, and tap (don’t blow) off the excess. Dust powder over the skin using a light buffing/tapping motion to avoid moving any product underneath. Use with loose powder on the T-Zone and under eye concealer, or use lightly with bronzer over the face for a warm sun-kissed glow.

3. Slanted Cheek Brush - 003

Lily England Slanted Cheek BrushThis brush is the best all rounder for applying makeup to cheeks. 
The angled bristles means it perfectly fits in the contours and shapes of the face - making it great for bronzer, highlighter and blush.

How to use: To apply your blusher, gently sweep the product onto the brush and apply to the apples of the cheeks. Gently sweep highlighter across the top of your cheekbones for a glowy look, or use with bronzer under your cheekbones for a chiseled, contoured look.

4. Kabuki Brush - 004

This is your new go to for buffing, blending and stippling cream, liquid or mineral powder products. The flat, densely packed bristles allow for a flawless, streak-free finish - making this the go to for blending in your foundation, cream contour, bronzer or highlighter products for a seamless base!

How to use: Once you've applied your foundation with your Flat Foundation Brush, use your Kabuki Brush in circular motions to buff the product into the skin, ensuring you work outwards for a streak-free, even complexion! If using with a powder foundation, apply the foundation directly from your Kabuki brush and blend into the skin until you have achieved your desired finish.

Eye Brushes

4. Luxe Crease Brush - 101

Lily England Luxe Crease BrushIf you are envious of those perfect eye makeup looks with a beautifully blended crease, then you definitely need this brush in your collection. The fluffy bristles of this brush allow you to pick up the perfect amount of product to build up colour in the crease, meaning you can create a custom look every time while minimising fallout and mess.

How to use: Sweep brush with your eyeshadow colour of choice, apply to the crease of the lid with a “windscreen wiper” blending motion, concentrating on the outer corner and sweeping in and outwards to accentuate and open up the eyes.

5. Classic Eyeshadow Brush - 102

Lily England Classic Eyeshadow Brush This brush is a fluffy, domed shaped brush with soft, dense bristles to get an even coverage of cream or powder eyeshadow product on the lid with minimum fallout. It works perfectly to apply a highlight directly to the lid, or the upper brow bone to open the eyes and make them pop.

How to use: This versatile brush can be used in many ways, simply dip the brush in your favourite cream or powder eyeshadow and sweep across the lid in a light, backwards and forwards motion, buffing gently and repeating until you achieve desired colour payoff.

6. Soft Smudger Brush - 103

Lily England Flat Shader Brush This is a great little tool for creating the perfect smokey eye with powder eyeshadow, or for blending out kohl liner for a blown out look. The short, dense bristles are domed giving it enough softness to create an evenly blended look. This brush is super soft and won’t scratch or irritate delicate skin close to the eye.

How to use: Apply shadow directly to the brush and apply to the outer edge of your lash line in an outward blending notion, or apply close to the lower lash line for a super smokey look. Use clean over cream shadow or kohl liner to blend your look to perfection.

7. Tapered Shadow Brush - 104

Lily England Tapered Eyeshadow BrushThis brush is a great all-rounder, it is wider than your crease brush and has more densely packed bristles which are tapered at the end, making it great at picking up product. It is super soft and gentle on the eyes.

How to use: Use this brush with powder eyeshadow in a backwards and forwards motion to apply all over the lid for a diffused, blended look, or use clean to blend out any harsh lines. Alternatively, use with your favourite highlighter powder and apply to the tips of your cheekbones, nose and brow bones for a super glowy, strobed highlight.

8. Dual Brow & Spoolie Brush - 105

Lily England Slanted Brow and Spoolie BrushIf you’re going to get anything right in your makeup, make sure it’s your brows! Getting your brows spot on will help to frame your face and open up your eyes, but get them wrong and it can ruin your look completely. This angled brow brush is super dense, with blunt bristles to ensure maximum product pick up. With a spoolie brush on the other end, this two in one brush has everything you need to get your brows on fleek - just add your favourite brow product!

How to use: For a softer look, use with your favourite brow powder, start by lining where your brows will go from the bottom of your brow, then brush upwards to spread the product to the rest of your brow and finally brush through with the spoolie for a super natural finish. For a bolder, insta-brow look use with your favourite brow pomade and define your brows, then brush through with the spoolie at the start of the brow for a more dimensional look.

9. Flat Shader Brush - 106

Lily England Flat Eyeshadow BrushThis brush is flat, with firm bristles making it the perfect brush for picking up more product for ultimate colour payoff, or creating more detailed eye looks. It should be a part of any makeup lover’s collection and is the key for packing an opaque, even layer colour onto the eyes.

How to use: Use with your favourite colour and pack on the lid with a patting motion, to ensure even, opaque colour payoff. Use to carve out a more detailed, on-trend cut crease. Alternatively, use with concealer to carve out your brows or neaten up liner or shadow for a clean, dramatic line.

10. Pencil Brush - 107

Lily England Pencil BrushIf you don’t already own a pencil brush, meet your new BFF. When it comes to the finer details, they can do it all - smudging cream liner, applying shadow to the lash line or inner corner. It is a small, stiff, dense brush with tapered bristles, and works like a pencil for all your favourite eyeshadows and pigments.

How to use: This beautiful brush can be used in many ways. Use with your favourite pigment in the inner corner to make your eyes pop, or use to apply shadow to your upper or lower lash line for a detailed finish, or smudge out your gel liner for a smokey, diffused look.

11. Fluffy Angled Brush - 108

Lily England Slanted Eyeshadow BrushThis soft, fluffy brush has angled bristles which makes it perfect for creating a flawless contoured eye. This is a versatile brush and can be used to buff and blend your shadow in the crease.

How to use: Use with your favourite shade and apply the soft, angled bristles to the outer crease, gently buffing in for a defined look, or use to apply shadow to the outer lid.

So there you have it! Every brush you need to become a flawless, insta-worthy Makeup Queen - whether you’re hitting the town or opting for a natural everyday look, we have got you covered!

And as a bonus, the brush set ALSO includes a luxe Marble Makeup Pouch, so you can store your brushes and all your beauty essentials both on the go and stylishly on your dressing table.

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