Upgrade Your Beauty Supplies: 5 Must-Have Hair Brushes You Need

the 5 best hair brushes you need

When you have a good hair day, everything seems to go better in every aspect of your day.

In fact, the psychology behind a good hair day shows that we automatically feel more confident. So, it should come as no surprise that must-have hair brushes are a necessity when it comes to having the right beauty supplies on hand.

An important thing to remember, though, is that not all hair brushes are created equal. There are different brushes for different needs. 

Here's an overview of the five must-have hair brushes to get you that good hair day every day!

Flat, Vented, and Round: The 5 Best Must-Have Hair Brushes

Our hair varies almost as much as our personalities. There is a brush for every type of hair and every type of style.

It can be wildly overwhelming to try and figure out the best brush for your mane!

Let's take a look at the best hair brushes for any and every hairstyle.

1. The Detangler

best detangler brushes detangling hair brushes for all hair types tangle teaserOne of the best hair brushes on the planet is the detangler.

Plain and simple - every woman needs a detangler hairbrush. We battle Mother Nature's elements on any given day: rain, snow, sleet, wind, and humidity. There is no way to walk outside and experience the perfect hair day every day. It's not humanly possible.

Detangling brushes are perfect for dry or wet hair - whether you’ve just gone for a swim, shower or got caught in a rogue downpour - our hair needs a detangler. 

Every hair type will fall victim to knots and tangles. Even using a good hair brush hurts when we have tangled hair. This is when a detangler becomes one of the most important must-have hairbrushes for all of us, with flexible bristles, gently detangle knots without snagging or pulling!

One of the best things about a detangler, though, is its size. Many detangler brushes are smaller than a regular hair brush. So, it's easier to tuck one into your purse, backpack, or on the go in your travel luggage.

Plus, there are a ton of really amazing colours and designs. Detangle your beautiful locks while showcasing a bit of your unique and individual personality.

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2. Paddle Brush

the best paddle brushes

Have mid to long length hair? The paddle brush is your new best friend! This must-have hair brush is not only gentle on your locks, but it's also great when blow-drying your hair.

Paddle brushes work really well on any and every hair type. They have a wider brush with larger bristles that make for a gentle hair brushing experience.

Have damaged hair?

This brush will work through each strand of your hair without pulling and creating any more damage. Also, the cushioning of the paddle brush helps to avoid tension, which leads to breakage and split ends.

A great addition to any paddle brush is a non-slip gel gripping on the handle. This adds better grip when brushing through challenging hair.

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3. Vent Brush

rose gold vent brush best hair brushesFor any girl who wants a blow dry in a hurry - the vent brush is your go-to beauty tool!

The power of the vent brush is in its wide set bristles. The design of this must-have hair brush is that it can navigate through any type of hair without pulling at the scalp. Vent brushes are especially helpful with wet hair.

Another added bonus with a vent brush is when it comes to blow-drying your hair. The open back of the brush allows for perfect ventilation. This helps to style any and every hair type with ease.





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4. Round Brush

the best round brushes for a bouncy blow dryThere's a popular saying of go big or go home.

That phrase absolutely applies to a quality blow-out thanks to the amazing abilities of the barrel brush.

After we leave the salon, we have perfectly blown-out hair. It falls perfectly around our face. It has volume. It has shine.

It was created by a barrel brush.

By simply combining this brush with your hairdryer, you can create hair worthy of envy in seconds. Curling the brush while applying heat adds volume and life to even the straightest hair.

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5. Comb

Sometimes considered the underdog in hair care products.

However, the comb is an MVP when it comes to must-have hair brushes. Not only is a comb sleek and compact, but it can tame any and every type of hair.

Plus, combs are easy to pack and easy to discreetly use while out in public. A quick spruce up with a comb can fix most hair situations anytime and anywhere.

The comb is a superstar. If you really want to see it work its magic, though, pair the brushing experience with a detangler. A detangler works out the major tangles while the comb can tame the rest.

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Brush Up on Your Hair Brush Collection

All of us know the importance of must-have hair brushes.

Many of us have a different type of hair brush for each of our different hairstyle needs. We need the brush for after a shower or a swim. We need a brush for taming our locks in the morning. Most importantly, we need a brush for looking our best when we go out for the day or night.

Finding the best brushes for our hair can be difficult. It's important to know your hair and how it behaves. Since brushes work best based on your hair type, having a lot of options or choices can be a great way to always have the right brush on hand.

Looking for a perfect brush to tame your hair? Need a team of brushes to perfect your locks?

Check out all the best must-have hair brushes you could ever need on our online shop. Whether you are a hair novice or professional hair stylist - our hairbrushes will give you that wow factor. 

Everyone should have a good hair day, every day.