How to style it out with our newest Hair Brush Sets!

the best hair brush sets

Time to meet your NEW Hairbrush Heroes - our Round Brush Set and Detangler Brush and Comb Set! Get a head start every day with these 2 glorious brush sets that will work wonders on your tresses and look fabulous on your vanity table!

Detangler Brush and Comb Set

These are the perfect partners for tangle-free hair! Our film-star-worthy rose gold Detangler and Comb Set will make your friends bristle with envy. 

Wide Tooth Comb 

The matching rose gold Wide Tooth Comb will easily glide through wet or dry hair to smooth and straighten out any tough tangles. This comb is designed with perfectly rounded edges for a comfortable combing experience. 

Top Tip: Our Wide Tooth Comb is the perfect tool to evenly distribute product and natural oils through your hair. Use with your favourite hair mask to comb out tangles in the shower!

Detangler Brush

Time to tame your tangles! This brush is made with 274 innovatively designed flexible bristles that will gently glide through knots, creating less friction and damage than ordinary hairbrushes. 

Top Tip: This brush can be used wet or dry to smooth and detangle your hair! Start from the ends of the hair to brush out the knots, working your way to the roots to avoid tugging and pulling on the hair.

Barrel Brush Set

Say goodbye to flat hair and meet your blow-dry best friend. Our Barrel Brush Set will give you professional hairdressing results in the comfort of your own home, ideal for creating that perfect on-trend bouncy blow dry! These tools stand out from the crowd in an on-trend white and rose gold colourway.

The set includes a large brush that is ideal for creating big, bouncy curls; a medium round brush for extra volume when blow drying; a small round brush for tight curls or fringes and a tail comb perfect for sectioning whilst styling.

How to Create Your Blow Dry:

Blast wet hair until it's 80% dry and comb through any knots before styling. Use the tail comb to part and section the hair. Working with medium sections, place the brush into the root area. Keep the tension as you move the brush through your hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go. 

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