Marble Beauty Tools

Our Marbellous collection contains the most gorgeous, on-trend, instagrammable beauty tools. Our Marble Luxe Makeup Brushes are such a staple in any beauty-lovers makeup bag as they're 100% Vegan, Shed-free and expertly-crafted. They instantly glamourize any dressing-table because of their Marble Design and case and are top quality whilst still remaining purse-friendly. Our Marbellous Hair Brushes are beautiful yet reliable as they will always keep your tresses looking top-notch, whether you are after a paddle brush or a round blow-dry brush, these beauties will deliver. If you're undecided on which of our Marbellous Collection is for you, why not bag the best of the best with our Marbellous Marble Gift Set, offering a little bit of everything marble for you or any fellow marble-obsessive.