Top Tips For Travelling With Makeup

top tips for travelling with makeupWhen travelling it can be hard to decide what makeup to bring with you. After all, you still want to look fab, but you can’t haul every palette, brush and lipstick with you or you’d have no room left for your other important things - (Like all your pairs of shoes.) Because of this we’ve put together our top tips on what makeup to take with you when heading abroad and how to whittle it down to what can not only make a great look, but is practical too.

1) Think about the climate you are heading to 

Think about what sort of climate awaits you when you step off your plane or ferry. If you’re heading somewhere hot you don’t want to be bringing your heavy foundations as your skin is likely to be more oily from the heat. Likewise, if you are heading somewhere cold you don’t want to bring any makeup that will dry your skin out as this is already a factor in colder climates. You’re likely to want something lightweight for a hotter temperature, so why not leave heavy foundations at home and opt for a light powder foundation to keep shine at bay?

2) Think about what you will be doing when you are there

If you are going to be spending most of your time skiing on the slopes or sunbathing by the pool you’re not going to want to bring your most glam makeup with you, you’ll want the main things such as your foundation, powder, mascara, brows and brushes. If you're headed to a nice dinner in the evenings, pack a small travel sized eyeshadow palette to add some extra glam. Think carefully about your plans and try to fit it in around this rather than just throwing all in your favourite items unnecessarily. (After all, they’ll still be there when you get back!) 

3) Only pack the essentials

While one red lipstick might look best with that black dress, while the other is more suited to your red jumpsuit, and while ‘Postbox red’ and ‘Red rose’ might be slightly different, you don’t need to pack both. It’s time to be ruthless and just pack the basics. Take one eyeshadow palette, one mascara, one foundation and maybe a choice of a couple of lipsticks or glosses. Not only is it easier to pick your look without so many choices, but will take up a lot less space too! We recommend you try and plan your outfits in advance so you’ll have a rough idea of what makeup you will need to go with this. 

black makeup bag organiser

4) Consider how you will pack it

Don’t forget, when you are travelling suitcases get thrown about all over the place, and even hand luggage can get knocked and jostled. If you have precious eyeshadow or powder palettes particular, be sure to store them in a way that they won’t crumble and break when being moved about. We recommend you cushion your compacts with cotton wool pads or the application pad that came with the product to act as a shock absorber. For extra protection, why not then cushion your makeup bag in between your clothes?

5) Decant your bigger liquids

We often decant our big liquids such as shampoos and cleansers into smaller bottles for travelling, but why not take it a step further? Foundations, primers and moisturisers all take up a lot of space in your makeup bag, so opt for a small sample-sized pot - this is great for weekends away or if you know you will only be wearing makeup a few days of your holiday and saves plenty of room! 

6) Try and bring multi purpose products

To further eliminate how much makeup you need to bring with you, try and use multi-purpose products. For example, there are many products now that can double up as a cheek and lip stain, or a tinted moisturiser instead of a moisturiser and a light foundation as this can keep your skin hydrated, for even more space saving opt for one with a high SPF to double up as your facial suncream!

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7) Invest in a good makeup bag

Invest in a makeup bag that doubles up as a storage solution to avoid all your makeup getting bashed around, lost and broken. To keep your brushes clean, opt for a makeup bag with a brush holder. By taking your makeup in a good wash bag, you will have a luxurious and handy way of keeping everything together and organised both during travel and also in your hotel or accommodation.

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That’s it for our top tips on what makeup to take with you when heading abroad, you’ll never be left over-cluttered, under-prepared or with broken cosmetics again…!