Top 5 Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tips

Summer is here and we are all getting beach ready. Whilst we usually change up our wardrobe as the sun comes out, it is also important to change up your beauty routine. Our skin, hair and makeup can all react differently in the heat, and keeping on top of your seasonal beauty routine will help combat any issues and keep you glowing all summer long. 

1. SPF - Don't leave home without it!

This may seem like an obvious one, but wearing a high factor SPF is important year round, but especially in Summer when the sun's harmful rays are at their highest. Not only does SPF protect you from painful sunburn, but it also prevents premature ageing and even skin cancer. Make sure you take a bit of extra time in the mornings to apply SPF to your body and face, and ensure you reapply throughout the day as it may diminish from sweat or water. 

2. Stay hydrated

We all know that we should stay hydrated year round, but did you know this can benefit your skin as well? If your skin is feeling tight, dry and dull - you may not be getting enough hydration! Aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and more if you are losing moisture through heat and exercise. If your skin needs an extra boost, opt for a moisturising gel with hyaluronic acid as this will help retain water in the skin leaving you looking fresh and dewy all day long!

3. Keep oily skin at bay

If you suffer from oily skin, chances are that it will only get worse throughout the Summer months which can cause your makeup to slide off throughout the day. There are plenty of products that help to make your makeup last throughout the day, but ensuring you are using a primer, oil-free makeup, setting powder and a setting spray will give you maximum wear out of your makeup. Read our full blog post on how to make your makeup last all day here.

4. Less is more

When it comes to beauty, less is definitely more. That is the same for makeup and skincare, especially in Summer. Using heavy creams, foundations and powders will weigh down your skin in the heat. Instead, opt for a natural, glowing look and focus on accenting your natural features, rather than covering them up. Read our full blog post for makeup hacks for glowy skin perfect for summer here.

5. Keep frizz under control

Summer often brings humid weather, this along with chlorine, sea water and heat can cause our hair to become dry and frizzy. But your hair doesn't have to be an unmanageable mess! Give your hair the extra TLC it deserves. Using a hydrating hair mask once a week will help rehydrate and rejuvenate your locks, and using a hair oil to finish off your style will help to hold in the moisture throughout the day. Keep your hair silky smooth and tangle free in Summer using a Detangling Brush, it's handy size is perfect to keep in your bag to smooth your tresses when on the go. Shop our full range of Detangling Brushes here.