Perfect Your Look: The Best Makeup Brush Sets For Every Makeup Lover!

best makeup brush sets

Those lips, those eyes, those gorgeous cheeks — whether you're going for an everyday natural look, dinner party sophistication, or full on glam for a big night out, you want your makeup to be just right.

You’ve already got your skincare routine on point, and have focused inside to get that great skin by eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

You also love your makeup. And now you just need a few great makeup brushes and your favourite playlist and you'll be dancing and doing your makeup like a pro!

Keep reading to learn about the best makeup brush sets available, and then grab the ones you need and see how easy it is to get your makeup perfect.

Makeup Brushes for Your Eyes

the best eyeshadow brush setFor your eyes, you want gentle, non-shed high-quality brushes to contour, shade, line and blend.

Good eyeshadow brushes are short and rounded with dense, soft bristles so they stay firm and can hold the shadow whether it's cream, glitter, powder or loose pigment. This allows you to gently shadow your eyes and pack on as much colour as possible with minimum fallout.

Short, flat bristles also work great for even and precise eyeshadow application, great for perfecting a cut-crease look! They work fabulously for contouring as well. 

For blending shadow, use a brush with long, loose, soft and fluffy bristles like the Lily England 104. Keep your hand loose and near the end of the handle for the best blending results.

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The Five Essential Makeup Brushes

5 piece makeup brush setIf you're looking for one simple set of brushes that covers your essential basics, you want a set that includes a professional-grade brush for your eyes, one for eyebrows, one for foundation, one for blush, and one for powder.

For the eyes, as mentioned, you want a brush with short, soft, and rounded bristles. They should be dense to hold the shadow and so it can be applied smoothly. 

For eyebrows on fleek, use the angled brush 105 with your favourite eyeshadow powder or pomade to create a defined arch, then brush through with the spoolie end to fluff up your brows and disperse the product for a natural, dimensional look.

For powder, use a large brush with soft, fluffy bristles which are dense enough to pick up product, whether it’s pressed or loose powder. Whether you’re baking, bronzing, setting or mattifying, this versatile brush will have you covered. 

The best brush for blush is angled and a bit denser than powder but still soft to create a soft, diffused colour on the cheeks. The angled bristles work perfectly for contouring in the hollows of your cheekbones or for applying colour to the apples of your cheeks.

For applying foundation, use a flat, curved top brush. The soft bristles allow for a smooth, even finish and the dense bristles are perfect for not wasting any product, whether it’s cream or liquid foundation.

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A Step up with Luxe Makeup Brushes

black marble makeup brush setIf you want to step it up and need a few more brushes so you can vary up your makeup style a bit, why not opt for a set that adds in a few more options, like a professional 9 piece brush set.

With more brush options you can create more looks and have fun with the different kinds of brushes. Try a fan brush with loose, wide and soft bristles to gently brush away any eyeshadow fall out or apply highlight to the cheekbones for a strobed, dewy look. 

Try out a crease brush to perfect and smooth your eyeshadow for a defined crease and a pencil eye brush to create more detailed, finer lines and smoke out shadow on the lower lash line to highlight those gorgeous eyes. Think Coco Roche and Winnie Harlow on the Cannes red carpet!

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The Ultimate Makeup Brushes

ultimate makeup brush setIf you want to be able to work makeup magic like a professional makeup artist, we recommend a set with even more options, like our ultimate 11 piece brush set.

This is the best brush set for any makeup look as it gives you all the essentials for an everyday look,  plus you can get creative and have a play with the additional brushes like the tapered shadow brush that lets you perfect your eyes and create more detail. It's so soft and dome shaped, perfect for blending out multiple colours to create a show-stopping look!

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The Best Makeup Brush Sets for You

Now we’ve gone through the best makeup brush sets to get the look you want, it’s time to choose the brush set for you! All of our brushes are vegan, cruelty free and made with the highest quality materials. Whether you’re a rose gold lover or a marble queen, our insta-worthy makeup brushes have something for everyone! 

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We love hearing from our Lily England customers, if you have any questions or need any makeup brush advice don’t hesitate to get in touch!