The Best Hair Tools to Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine

Rose Gold Hair Dryer

It’s not rocket science to know that a heated hair tool can quite literally make or break your hair. Most of us have will have experienced hair straighteners that drag on your hair, or curling tongs that frazzle your fringe at every given opportunity, but this just isn’t good enough, your hair is too precious to damage! 

But what constitutes a good hair styling tool? When it comes to Curling Tongs and Hair Straighteners you need a styler that will give you the do of your dreams without causing too much heat damage. When choosing a Hair Dryer you want something that is lightweight and comfortable to hold whilst getting the job done with ease & efficiency. Overall it’s really about getting gorgeous locks without having to sacrifice your hair health. At Lily England we've got the hair appliances to deliver the style you desire whilst minimising heat damage as much as possible.

Rose Gold Deluxe Hair Straightener

Rose Gold Hair Straighteners

Our Rose Gold Deluxe Hair Straightener is the answer to achieving sleek, glossy, straight hair in minutes. Our Hair Straightener has different adjustable heat settings so that you can choose how much heat to use, as everyone’s tresses are different and require different temperatures and attention. The ceramic coated plates ensure that the Straighteners will effortlessly glide through the hair, eliminating any pesky pulls or tugs that your hair doesn’t deserve. As well as being the best at straightening your hair, the rounded edges of this tool mean that you can also create gorgeous, loose curls, making this trusty tool your new bestie for all occasions. 

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Rose Gold Deluxe Curling Tongs

Rose Gold Curling Tongs

If you’re wanting glamorous, long lasting curls then look no further. Our Rose Gold Deluxe Curling Tongs are suited to every hair type due to the adjustable heat settings. The choice of temperature lessens the heat damage, as you can alter to suit your individual hair type. 

The ceramic coated barrel will leave your hair with a shiny effect, ensuring beautiful, frizz-free results every single time. At the end of the barrel there is a safety cool tip so that you can hold the end of the curler whilst styling, giving you the ultimate control and most comfortable experience when curling. In addition, the 2 metre, 360 degrees swivel cord means that you can style your hair when in a rush, there’s nothing worse than a tangled cord! To ensure the ultimate safety, our Curling Tongs include a 60 minute auto shut off, just in case you’re feeling a bit worse for wear on an early Monday morning and forget to switch them off, you don’t have to worry. 

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Rose Gold Deluxe Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Our Deluxe Hair Dryer is your new must have for sleek, frizz-free, blow-dried hair with minimal effort. Our Dryer includes 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings that you can adjust to suit your hair type. The Dryer is lightweight and easy to hold, making the your blow dry comfortable and easy so it’s no longer a task you’ll dread. As well as getting the job done as efficiently as possible, this Hair Dryer’s classy and elegant design means that it looks gorgeous on any dressing table, and makes the perfect gift. 

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