4 No Heat Hairstyles - for Damage Free, Beautiful Hair

no heat damage free hairstyles

Using your favourite hair straighteners, curling wand or heated rollers is a great way to style your hair, but using heat on your locks everyday can be damaging. For the days you want to give your hair a break from the heat, we have chosen our four favourite no-heat hairstyles. These quick & easy styles look elegant and beautiful without having to use any heat! 

Get started with the right hair tools

If you want to try out your no-heat hairstyle, it's important to start with clean, smooth and tangle-free hair. Using a detangler brush, gently work out any knots or tangles, starting in small sections from the ends working up to the root. Once you've successfully detangled your hair, smooth it out with a paddle brush for a silky finish that's easy to work with, and use a tail comb to part your hair whichever way you wear it. Just be sure to have a few hair ties and bobby pins on hand and you're ready to go!

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1. Upside Down French Braid Bun

french braid bun no heat hairstyles

This is an elegant style that can be worn day to night.

Start by flipping your hair upside down and brushing your hair downwards. Starting from the bottom of your head, take three sections of hair in the centre and french braid until you work your way to the top of your head. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie, then twist and wrap your ponytail around itself to form your Bun. Secure this with a second hair tie, and grip any loose strands of hair to secure your bun and hide the hair tie. Finish with some hair spray to keep your style secure all day!




2. Side French Braid

side french braid no heat hairstyleThis pretty hairstyle is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face and makes a great everyday style! You can keep your hair down or bring it into a low bun or ponytail for variety.
Start by creating a side parting and on the side with the most hair grab three small sections from the front of your head. French braid your way down the side of your face then continue the braid to the ends of your hair and secure at the back of your head with a bobby pin. You can keep it here or repeat on the other side for a full braid look. Or just take a small section from the other side at the front and and secure at the back of your head, crossing underneath the braid for a twisted style. Use a quick spritz of hair spray to keep any wispy ends from appearing throughout the day and you're hot to trot! 

3. Twisted Braided Bun

no heat hairstyle twisted braid bunThis simplistic hairstyle is effortless, and looks gorgeous from day to night!
Start by gathering all of your hair into a low ponytail at the centre of your head, then create a small gap above the ponytail and pull it up and through the gap to start the twist. Then create three sections in the ponytail and braid it from top to tip, securing with a hair tie. Then pull the braid up and through the gap again, repeating until it is all twisted within the bun. Adjust the hair to make sure the braid is showing and hide any loose ends securely with a bobby pin. Finish off with some hair spray to keep it all secure.

4. Twisted Headband Style

twisted hairband no heat hairstyleA beautiful twisted style, accessorised with your favourite headband for a chic look that's quick and easy to achieve. This style works best with mid to shoulder length hair.
Take your favourite elastic headband and pull onto your head like a crown, leaving your hair strands tucked underneath as this is how we will create the twist. Grab the back section and roll it upwards, tucking the ends into the hairband and pull through until you get your desired shape. Repeat with the side sections until the back of the hairband is covered. Tuck in any ends and secure with bobby pins on the inside to keep them hidden, then add a quick spritz of hair spray to secure. If you prefer a more undone, effortless look then keep two small front sections free.