How To Do A Cut Crease: Your Step By Step Guide

how to guide cut crease eyeshadow makeup look easy pink sunset steps

The ‘cut crease’ makeup trend all the rage across Youtube and Instagram right now - the eye makeup looks fabulous for glam occasions but can take time to master.

We’ve put together this step by step makeup tutorial by @abbilaurenmakeup to help you achieve a perfect sunset inspired cut crease. Grab your favourite eyeshadow palettes and let'e get started! 

1. There are lots of variations of the cut crease eyeshadow look, so play around with colours and technique to make the perfect look that will suit you. It can take time to master but once achieved the result will look incredible. Start by priming your whole eyelid with concealer (make sure not to set it!)

2. Use a brush to apply a dark berry eyeshadow shade around your eyelid within the crease

3. Use a slightly lighter pink shade around the outside of the dark shade, blend these two shades in to one another

4. It’s all about the blend! Time to blend out the pink shade with an orange shade, followed by a yellow shade to create a blended transition of colours

5. Now to cut the crease, take concealer and a Lily England M1 or 106 flat shadow brush and carefully create a curved line in the middle of your eyelid slightly above the crease and take the concealer down to the lash line (don’t set)

6. Next up, take a pink shimmer shade and pack it on the outer parts of concealer and near the lash line of the cut crease. Blend this in to the dark berry shade

7. Take a yellow or gold shimmer eyeshadow and pack this on to the centre of the cut crease, blend this in to the pink shimmer shade either side

8. Use the berry shade on the lower lash line and blend it out with the same pink, orange and yellow shades

9. Finally, highlight the brow bone and inner corner and finish with white eyeliner in waterline. For a more dramatic finish - add winged liner and false lashes for an extra glam look

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A cut crease eyeshadow look is perfect for hooded eyes, blue, brown and green eyes. Anyone can try it! If this look is too bright for you, swap the colourful pink shades for neutral eyeshadows. 

If you’re still looking for more cut crease makeup inspiration or want to add a little liquid eyeliner for an extra feline look check out Nikkie Tutorial (a.k.a Cut Crease Queen) for her unique take on a cut crease.