How to Cover Under Eye Circles

Looking to reduce the look of bags under your eyes? We’ve all been there, not getting enough sleep, partying too much or working too hard leaving us all reaching for the concealer and applying too much makeup under the eyes. When our skin is tired it can be more dehydrated than normal so less really is more. Here are some top tips from Pro Makeup Artist Lucy Meyer on how to cover those pesky dark eye circles.

It's all in the prep

Making sure you've prepped your skin is key to any makeup application, and it is important to do this for any under eye makeup too. Begin by applying your under eye cream to hydrate the skin and leave this to fully absorb for ten minutes.

Use a liquid or cream concealer

It's important to get the right product for your skin type, as well as the right shade. Liquid concealer is best for mature skin, as it will avoid it gathering in eye creases. Opt for a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation, this will help lift the under eye area and give the illusion of a brighter under eye. Using a light reflective concealer apply to the inner and outer corners of the eye and use a soft fluffy brush to blend.

The best tools of the trade

Using a soft fluffy brush to apply your under eye concealer will prevent heavy-handed application, wake up all those lovely light reflective particles and help bounce the light away from dark circles, leaving you with a perfectly blended look. Opt for cruelty free makeup brushes with synthetic bristles for the ultimate soft concealer application. Lucy's key recommendations from the Lily England Marble Luxe Makeup Brush Set are E1 and E2 and for smaller areas and more concentrated application alongside the M1- the multitasker.

Be precise with application

For a clean, fresh look make sure you don’t apply any makeup too close under the lash line, as this will create smudging to any eye makeup you choose to wear and cause your mascara to bleed into the concealer.

Less is definitely more

For a quick, simple look try keeping your makeup minimal. Apply a little concealer to the eye lid and set with a translucent powder, then add a few coats of mascara to your lashes and you're good to go with a natural wide-eyed look!

Blend, blend, blend!

When you've finished the rest of your makeup, make sure to go back to the under eye area and blend away any concealer that has found its way into any creases. Finally, set your concealer with a fine loose powder, using that small but soft bristled brush to give accurate product placement. 

If you want your makeup to last all day, finalise your look with a quick spritz of setting spray, and you're good to go - dark circles be gone!