9 Hacks To Disguise A Bad Hair Day

how to save a bad hair day

Bad hair day? There’s no such thing! Transform your locks with these 9 ideas that will convert messy, dirty, unruly hair into luscious locks. 

1. Big Messy Bun

Twisting and backcombing your unwieldy locks into a messy bun is one of the best ways of camouflaging a bad hair day. Follow this easy 7-step tutorial.

2. Space Buns 

Mix up the traditional messy bun by rocking space buns. Wearing one of the biggest hair trends of 2017 will disguise any bad hair day in style.

3. Two Ponies

Disguise limp and lifeless hair by a double ponytail trick. By creating two ponytails, your hair will look thicker and longer – leaving you looking chic in minutes.


4. Halo Braid/Crown Braid

Halo braids are perfect for hiding frizzy flyaways and unwashed roots. Just use some dry shampoo to build volume and get plaiting!

5. Headscarf 

Turbans and headscarfs are your ultimate BFF for bad hair days. Thanks to Gucci they're also now a mainstream trend. Tie a colourful headscarf around a messy bun for a gorgeous look.

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6. Glam Wet Look Hair

If you need a look for the evening or you're suffering from oily hair, but don't have time to wash it, try this super-trendy, sleek, wet hair look. Grab yourself some hair pomade a comb and achieve this look in minutes.


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7. French Braids 

If it's hair wash day but you don't have time, plait your hair into french braids to create a sleek and glamourous hair style that will hide the unruly frizz.

8. Curled Ends 

When faced with a bad hair day, it’s probably best to avoid over-styling it. Give limp hair some life by lightly curling the ends of your hair with a curling iron or hair straightener. 

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9. Hairline braid 

Do a hairline braid around your forehead to create a focal point that looks cool in a quick, easy way. Pin the braid behind your ear with two bobby pins placed in an X shape to keep it in place all day.

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