5 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

the best packing hacks

Calling all jet-setters! Let’s face it, the worst part about travelling, aside from delays, is the packing. It can be so difficult, especially when you have so many things to take and a tiny luggage allowance to take them all it in! Look no further, we have curated a list of our Top 5 Packing Hacks to make travelling a breeze!

1. Keep all your carry-on liquids in one place 

Meet your new fave on-the-go companion - our Travel Cosmetics Bag. Whether you’re on a girls trip or business meeting, this bag is the perfect size for stylishly storing your beauty essentials and liquids in your hand luggage. We are all guilty of holding up the security line, scrambling in our hand luggage for our liquids, trying to stuff them all in a tiny plastic bag and pray that it seals - only to get stopped at security to realise you have left a nail polish in that hidden pocket in your bag you forgot about! With our brand new Travel Cosmetics Bag you will no longer have to mess around at airport security. This makeup bag is lightweight, portable and easy to carry. With a small zip up top compartment, ideal for tubes and compacts and a large bottom compartment, perfect for all your bottles and liquids, the clear exterior makes it easy to access anything you need - no more digging around for lost lipsticks!  Shop it here.

2. Store all small items in your shoes to save on space

Shoes take up the most space in our luggage, however we can’t avoid packing them. One simple travel hack can ensure we use a pair of shoes to our advantage and save as much space as possible whilst protecting your things. Store small items such as tightly rolled up socks, tights and underwear, or store rolled up belts or charging cables in your shoes to keep them safe. This hack also doubles up as a way to ensure boots and shoes don’t become misshapen during travel.

3. Makeup lover? Protect your brushes!

Lily England Marble Brush CaseHere at Lily England we couldn’t live without our Makeup Brushes, and we know the secret to making makeup brushes last is by taking good care of them, which shouldn’t stop when you’re on the go! There is nothing worse than trying to shove all your brushes in with your makeup, causing the bristles to get misshapen and dirty. Our Marble Brush Case is the perfect solution, it’s large enough to store all the brushes you need while travelling, is super sturdy so will protect your brushes whilst on the move, and doubles up as two gorgeous marble brush pots, making it easy to find the brushes you need and saving precious hotel-dresser space whilst beautifying yourself! Shop it here.

4. Bring a separate bag for dirty laundry

This is one packing hack that most people already know, but it’s an important one! Nobody wants to mix all of their dirty, stinky clothes with their fresh, unworn garments. By packing a mesh or canvas bag you can ensure your dirty laundry is kept separate, and won’t ruin your clean clothes. This also makes life so much easier when it comes to unpacking after your trip, as all your clothes will be separated making it easy to know what needs to go in the laundry basket and what can be worn again. Certain hotels supply a laundry bag, but it is always a good idea to pack your own just in case!

5. Travelling long haul? 

Lily England Large Wash Bag Rose GoldJust because you have limited space in your luggage shouldn’t mean you have to give up on all your toiletries and home comforts while travelling. Opt for a bag like our Large Wash Bag, this roomy wash bag has two large compartments and one pocket section. It easily stores large and small essentials to hold all your toiletries, and fastens up neatly to ensure maximum protection while travelling. With a gorgeous rose gold exterior you can travel in style. When you’re struggling for space in your hotel bathroom, simply unfold our wash bag and the clear sections allow you to find everything you need in an instant. Not just for toiletries, this Wash Bag works great for storing other items, such as cables and chargers, underwear and swimwear - get creative with your packing! Shop it here.

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Bon Voyage Beauties!

Love Lily England x